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Research and Development

Adacal has ongoing projects with Tübitak and Santez ARGE (R&D) support programmes. These studies provide us to increase the number of qualified staff, technological equipments and knowledge.

PCC, with superior specifications, is used as functional filler in many different industries like paper, plastic, paint, chemistry, pharmacy and food with increasing amounts every year.


Production process in different industries may expect different functions from adaCAL PCC products. In Adacal, study groups specific to each sector has been conducted in order to understand and to explain the function of PCC along with its mechanism in the production of different industries.


We can squence these groups as Paint Study Group, Plastic Study Group, Paper Study Group and Chemistry Study Group. In each study group, experimental studies are carried out by our experienced staff in cooperation with universities. We are ready to open our fully equipped laboratories to use of our customers upon request and pleased to give technical support with our experienced staff.


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