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Adaçal Aggregate

Our company has been conducting mining activities with experienced staff and the latest technology heavy work machines. By appliying selective mining criterias, ensures the continuity of raw material quality.

Adacal Limestone;

• 11669 TSE certificated.
• Aggregate has TS706 EN12620 certificate.
• Hard, Strong and Tough.
• Have resistance to pressure and abrasion.
• Not including any contaminants that may weaken the concrete such as dust and soil.
• Not including flat and long particles.


Aggregate for concrete and asphalt are produced in our plants. Upon customer demands, different sized products for road, sub-base, infrastructure, precast, drainage can be produced. According to the ICP method, (ACME accredited analytical laboratory, Canada) in the results of the chemical analysis, CaO content of aggregate should be min. 55,16% and LOI(loss of ignition) is %43.30. The rocks with 55% and over CaO content are considered as pure limestone.


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