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Adacal Ind. Min. was established as a lime factory in 2000 at 110.000 sqm. area. Adacal has become a well known trade mark in its sector with the raw material quality, advanced technology and precise production.


Adacal is major supplier of the two distinct areas, construction and industry sectors. The importance of the lime is increasing day by day and becoming a significant raw material of the production. Our company has always been preferred supplier for Turkey’s elite institutions in their sectors which have no tolerance at the quality such as gold, silver, aluminum, boron, soda, power plants, iron & steel plants, water treatment plants, chemistry and glass-fiber industry for many years.

In order to guarantee the product quality, Adacal adapted “selective mining” approach and also incorporated into the mine operations in 2009.
Adacal has completed the first and the only industrial scaled PCC (Preciptated Calcium Carbonate) production plant in Turkey at the end of 2011 and started to supply PCC with “adaCAL” trademark. adaCAL can be produced in nano size and at desired morphology. With these superior specifications adaCAL meets the required technical specifications and used as functional filler in many different industries like paper, plastic, paint, chemistry, pharmacy and food to increase the quality and reduce the costs.
Adacal is a full integrated plant when considered its own raw material processing plant, modern kiln and ability of producing CO2 necessary for PCC by own facilities. The use of CO2 by 44% in the production process attributes our PCC an environmentally-friend product.
As a neccessity of the new investments, a modern laboratory is established in the company. This laboratory, including Scanning Electron Microscobe (SEM) and a pilot PCC plant, plays an important role in research & development (R&D) studies.


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